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Seven Mile Bridge

The Seven Mile Bridge is a famous bridge in the Florida Keys, in Monroe County, Florida, United States. It connects Knight's Key (part of the city of Marathon, Florida) in the Middle Keys to Little Duck Key in the Lower Keys. Among the longest bridges in existence when it was built, it is one of the bridges on Overseas Highway in the Keys, part of the 2,369 mile long US 1.

There are two bridges in this location. The modern bridge is open to vehicular traffic, whereas the older bridge is only open to pedestrians and cyclists. The older bridge, originally known as the Knights Key-Pigeon Key-Moser Channel-Pacet Channel Bridge, was constructed from 1909 to 1912 under the direction of Henry Flagler as part of the Florida East Coast Railway's Key West Extension, also known as the Overseas Railroad.

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Alternative titles "Old Seven Mile Bridge"
"7-Mile Bridge"
"7 mile bridge"
"Seven mile bridge"
"7 Mile Bridge"
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