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Market Village

Market Village (Traditional Chinese: 城市廣場; Simplified Chinese: 城市广场) is a 325,000 square feet Chinese shopping mall in Markham, Ontario, Canada, just north of Toronto. It was built by Cedarland Properties Limited in 1990. Back then, it mirrored a typical rural town in Ontario, such as by including a stable with live horses. That area of the building is now the food court.

The mall was threatened with new competition by the newer Pacific Mall, which was built on the location of Cullen Country Barns, but the two malls have co-existed ever since.

The mall has 9 buildings with only Buildings D and E as pedestrian mall (not indoor). Buildings A, B, D and F have 2 floors. There are 5 washrooms with 2 located on the second floor (and not wheelchair assessable).

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