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Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery
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1. King Street

The Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery (CCGG) is a public art gallery located in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada is the only Canadian art gallery exclusively dedicated to exhibiting and collecting ceramic, glass, enamel and stained glass works of art. With approximately 20,000 visitors coming through its doors each year, the Gallery is a dynamic contributor to the local, national, and international arts scene.

Canada has a long history of silica based arts. The Canadian Guild of Potters — which would later become known as Ceramists Canada —was formed in 1936. Concurrent with the founding of the guild came the first thought of establishing a national ceramics gallery. But, it wasn’t until 45 years later that the idea really gained momentum. Construction of the gallery began in 1991 and the Canadian Clay & Glass Gallery opened in June 1993. The building was designed by Vancouver's Patkau Architects, who received a Medal of Excellence for the design under the Governor General's Awards for Architecture program in June 1997.

With more than nine hundred items in the permanent collection and five exhibiting galleries, The Clay & Glass plays a significant national role in the promotion and preservation of Canadian artists’ contributions to the field.

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