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Eisenhower Lock

The Eisenhower Lock is one of the seven canal locks on the St Lawrence River leg of the St Lawrence Seaway. It is one of two locks located near Massena, New York.

The lock was constructed on the portion of the St Lawrence River known as the "Long Sault" by the US Army Corps of Engineers. The lock was originally named the "Robinson Bay Lock" and was renamed after President Dwight Eisenhower after his term was over. The lock, and the nearby Bertrand H. Snell Lock are part of the Wiley-Dondero Ship Channel. Construction was complicated by the need to not interrupt the waterflow to nearby hydro-electric installations.

In 1972 a tanker, the MV Venus, exploded, while transiting the lock.

On June 18, 2015, the French cruise ship Saint Laurent allided with the lock, causing it to be drained, and closed for almost two days.

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