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Lark Street

Lark Street is a historic street in Albany, New York, USA. It is part of the Arbor Hill, Sheridan Hollow, Center Square, Park South and Hudson/Park neighborhoods, and is located one block east of Washington Park. Lark Street is the site of many independently owned shops, coffee houses, restaurants, art galleries, antique shops, bars and tattoo shops. Although the part between Madison Avenue and Washington Avenue was rebuilt in 2002-2003 to place new roadways, trees and sidewalks in front of the new shops in the active portion of Lark Street, some local residents have protested against the neglect of the northern end of the street (crossing north of Washington Avenue), which runs down into the less-affluent Arbor Hill neighborhood. Lark Street and Jay Street was used as a location during the filming of Ironweed. The Washington Avenue Armory is located at the corner of Lark Street and Washington Avenue.

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