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Isham Park
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1. Church of the Good Shepherd

Isham Park is a 20-acre (81,000 m2) historic park located in the Inwood section of Manhattan in New York City. The park was created through a gift of the Isham family in 1912-1916 and later expanded by New York City in 1925 and 1927. Its western border once extended to the Harlem River but after the development of Inwood Hill Park and reconfiguration of area streets the boundary became, for all practical purposes, Seaman Avenue. Isham Park has its southern boundary at Isham Street. For part of its length Broadway is the eastern boundary, but from about West 214 Street Park Terrace East is the boundary. The park's northern end is at the equivalent of West 214 Street, which here is a long flight of stairs. There are two apartment buildings between these stairs and West 215 Street. The park is cut in two by Park Terrace West.

The Isham mansion, which originally came with the park gift, was torn down in the 1940s due to its deteriorating condition.

Isham Park is noted at its southern end for some exposed marble outcroppings which date from the Cambrian period. This is a popular location for college geology classes to visit. There is a public garden in the northeastern corner. Much of the rest of the park has trees and brush growing in a rather wild manner.

The park is popular with families with small children who appreciate the park's rolling topography and quiet nature. Any activities can take place, such as ball games in the afternoon. Many older children also enjoy the park as it serves as a great social center for them to play games such as football.

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