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Enid A. Haupt Conservatory
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1. Chrysanthemum

The Enid A. Haupt Conservatory is a greenhouse in the Bronx, New York, United States, a major part of the New York Botanical Garden (NYBG). Inspiration for the park and the conservatory stemmed from Nathaniel Lord Britton and his wife Elizabeth. The couple had visited the Royal Botanic Garden at Kew on their honeymoon and thought a similar park and conservatory should be built for New York City. The NYBG and the Conservatory were the result.

The conservatory was designed by the major greenhouse company of the time, Lord and Burnham Co. The design was modeled after the Palm House at the Royal Botanic Garden and Joseph Paxton’s Crystal Palace in Italian Renaissance style. Groundbreaking took place on January 3, 1899 and construction was completed in 1902 at a cost of $177,000. The building was constructed by John R. Sheehan under contract for the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation. Since the original construction, major renovations took place in 1935, 1950, 1978, and 1993.

The 1978 renovation was a turning point for the conservatory as it exists today. By the 1970s, the building was in a state of extreme disrepair and had to be either substantially rebuilt or torn down. Enid Annenberg Haupt saved the conservatory from demolition with a $5 million contribution for renovation and a $5 million endowment for maintenance of the building. This renovation was significant for restoring the conservatory closer to its original design, which had been compromised during the 1935 and 1950 renovations. Due to her generous contributions, the Conservatory was named the Enid A. Haupt Conservatory in 1978.

The 1993 renovation was significant for the inner workings of the conservatory. At this time, the mechanical systems to control temperature, humidity, and ventilation were upgraded to computerized systems. The exhibits were also redesigned. The conservatory serves as a focal point of the park and a center for education. It is considered a crown jewel of New York City and is a New York City landmark.

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