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Things to see at Funchal:
A bucket list of the top sights at Funchal, ordered by popularity.
1. Mercado dos Lavradores
2. Santa Catarina Park
3. Cidade Velha
4. Avenida Arriaga
5. Rua de Santa Maria
6. Banco de Portugal
7. Fish Market
8. Sissi
9. Joao Goncalves Zarco
10. Cristovao Colombo
11. Rua da Carreira
12. Rua Fernao de Ornelas
13. madeira3

Funchal (Portuguese pronunciation: [fũˈʃaɫ]) is the largest city, the municipal seat and the capital of Portugal's Autonomous Region of Madeira. The city has a population of 111,892, making it the 6th largest city in Portugal, and has been the capital of Madeira for more than five centuries. Because of its high cultural and historical value, Funchal is one of Portugal's main tourist attractions. It is also popular as a destination for New Year's Eve, and it is the leading Portuguese port on cruise liner dockings.

The name is from the Portuguese word "funcho" (fennel) and the suffix "-al", to denote "a plantation of fennel".

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Alternative titles "funchal"
"Park in Funchal"
"Market in Funchal"
"Funchal (Madeira)"
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