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Snug Cove

Snug Cove is a community on the east coast of Bowen Island, British Columbia, opposite Horseshoe Bay. It is noted for its marina and its original 1900 buildings, some of which (like the old post office) and a group of cottages overlooking the marina were built by the Union Steamship Company. The Company ran a busy resort at Snug Cove for much of the 20th century. Day trips regularly ferried people over to Snug Cove for concerts in the band shell, with refreshments being available in the company tearooms and company outings to various picnic grounds. In the 1920s some 5,000 people were known to arrive at Snug Cove and up to 800 couples could dance at what was then the largest dance hall in British Columbia. The resort was disbanded in the 1960s. The Squamish hunters and fishermen were the first people to stay in the area using the site of the present community as a temporary camp. The Squamish name for this area was Xwilil Xhwm, which has been translated as "fast drumming ground" a name which has been connected to the Squamish story of how the black tailed deer were created on the island. Early European settlers arriving in Snug Cove discovered shake dwellings and a smoke house. Snug Cove is the location of The Bowen Island Public Library which is located in what is known as "The Old General Store".

Snug Cove is home to the Union Steamship Marina. A marina capable of berthing craft up to 200 feet long. The BC Ferries' Bowen Island Ferry route to Horseshoe Bay docks there.

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