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Othello Tunnels

Coquihalla Canyon Provincial Park, popularly called The Othello Tunnels is a provincial park located near Hope, British Columbia focused on the canyon of the Coquihalla River and a decommissioned railway grade, now a walking trail, leading eventually to Coquihalla Pass. Originally part of the Kettle Valley Railway, five tunnels and a series of bridges follow a relatively straight line through the gorge, which is lined with sheer, flat rock cliffs.

The park was established by Order-in-Council in as the Coquihalla Canyon Recreation Area, the upgraded and renamed with full provincial park status in 1997, at 151.3 hectares in size. It was expanded to its current 159 hectares in 2004.

The park's rock cliffs and relative close distance to Vancouver has resulted in many popular movies being filmed there. Rambo: First Blood, Shoot to Kill, The Adventures of Yellow Dog and Cabin in the Woods were all filmed in Coquihalla Canyon.

The location is easily recognizable when watching Rambo: First Blood where Sylvester Stallone hangs off the cliff while a helicopter tries to snipe him down.

As of May 2015, the tunnels have reopened after having been closed for over a year due to rockfall concerns.

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