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Brilliant Dam

Brilliant Dam is a hydroelectric dam on the Kootenay River near Castlegar, British Columbia, Canada. It was built during the Second World War, mostly by Doukhobour men exempt from military service, and its 129 MW twin turbines first came into operation in June, 1944. The Columbia Power Corporation purchased the dam from Teck Cominco in 1996.

Brilliant Dam is 42.6 metres high, with a head of 28 metres, and eight sluice gates. In 2000 work began to increase flow and upgrade the facilities turbines. Upon completion its four turbines generate 145 MW of electricity.

In 2003, the Columbia Power Corporation began the Brilliant expansion. An additional 120 MW powerhouse on the left bank which uses excess water beyond the capacity of the original powerhouse. Completed in 2007 the combined generation is 265 MW.

Brilliant Dam is downstream of Kootenay Lake's 49 MW Corra Linn Dam, 583 MW Kootenay Canal and 600 MW Libby Dam.

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