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Hotel Nikko

Nikko Hotels International (ニッコー・ホテルズ・インターナショナル, Nikkō Hoteruzu Intānashonaru) is an international hotel chain comprising Hotel Nikko (ホテル日航, Hoteru Nikkō) properties in Asia, Europe, North America, and the South Pacific. It is owned by Okura Hotels. Nikko Hotels International (NHI) began formal operations in 1972 as the global hotel brand of Japan Airlines, with its first property located in Jakarta. The first NHI-operated hotel in Japan opened in 1973. Other Nikko properties have been owned and operated by other entities; among the oldest Nikko properties is the Ginza Nikko, which first opened in 1959.

Nikko Hotels International was originally owned by Japan Airlines Development Company Limited, which in the 1990s was renamed JAL Hotels, and following its acquisition in 2010 is now a subsidiary of Okura Hotels. Hotel Nikko affiliates further include the Hotel Royal properties in Southeast Asia.

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