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Cable Car
Things to see at Cable Car:
A bucket list of the top sights at Cable Car, ordered by popularity.
1. Powell Street
2. The Warfield
3. Blue Bottle
4. Mezzanine
5. John's Grill
6. Mint Plaza
7. Golden Gate Theatre
8. Nordstrom
9. Mel's Drive-In
10. Stay
11. Show Dogs
14. Old U.S. Mint
15. The Decemberists
16. Eventbrite
17. Reggie Watts

A cable car is any of a variety of transportation systems relying on cables to pull vehicles along or lower them at a steady rate. The terminology also refers to the vehicles on these systems. The cable car vehicles are motor-less and engine-less and they are pulled by a cable that is rotated by a motor off-board.

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"Cable Cars"
"cable car"
"Cable cars"
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