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Skid Row

A skid row or skid road is an impoverished area, typically urban, inhabited by the poor, the homeless, and/or others considered disreputable and forgotten by society. The term skid row may be applied variously to anything from an impoverished urban district to a red-light district to a gathering area for the homeless. It can even be applied figuratively indicating not a physical location but rather the fact the state of a poor person's life. In general, though, skid row refers to areas inhabited or frequented by marginalized individuals (typically marginalized by poverty though drug addiction, bigotry, and/or other factors may be at play as well). Urban areas considered skid rows often feature cheap taverns, dilapidated buildings, and drug dens as well as other features of urban blight.

The term skid road originally referred to the path along which timber workers skidded logs. Its current sense appears to have originated in the Pacific Northwest. Areas identified by this name include Pioneer Square in Seattle; Old Town Chinatown in Portland, Oregon; Downtown Eastside in Vancouver; Skid Row in Los Angeles; the Tenderloin District of San Francisco; and the Bowery of lower Manhattan.

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