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Little Saigon

Little Saigon is a name given to ethnic enclaves of expatriate Vietnamese mainly in English-speaking free countries. Alternate names include Little Vietnam and Little Hanoi (mainly in historically communist nations), depending on the enclave's political history. Saigon is the former name of the capital of the former South Vietnam, where a large number of first-generation Vietnamese immigrants arriving to the United States originate, whereas Hanoi is the current capital of Vietnam.

The most well-established and largest Vietnamese-American enclaves, not all of which are called Little Saigon, are located in Orange County, California; San Jose, California; and Houston, Texas. Somewhat smaller communities also exist, including the comparatively nascent Vietnamese commercial districts in San Francisco, San Diego, Atlanta, Sacramento, Denver, Oklahoma City, New Orleans, the Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex (Haltom City, Arlington, and Garland), Falls Church, Virginia, Orlando, and Seattle. Additionally, Vietnamese-Americans also established businesses and bringing distinctively Vietnamese elements to most Chinatowns; some examples would include the Chinatowns of Las Vegas, Chicago, New York City, Philadelphia, Boston, Bellaire in Houston, Honolulu or Edmonton, Alberta.

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