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Collegio Borromeo

The Almo Collegio Borromeo, recognized by the Ministry of Education, Universities and Research as a "highly qualified Cultural Institute", is the oldest such institution remaining in operation in Italy. Together with Collegio Ghislieri, with which there is goliardic rivalry, it is one of two historic colleges in Pavia that stand out as prestigious institutions of the Lombardy-Veneto area. The building that houses the college was designed by Pellegrino Tibaldi, and overlooks the Ticino, surrounded by landscaped gardens and the Borromeo Gardens. Vasari described it as a "palace of knowledge" ("palazzo per la Sapienza").

The college selects students of the University of Pavia through a rigorous public competition based on tests taken annually. The services offered by the college are not limited to food and housing, but rather are focused on providing training in parallel and integrated with the university: for example, CEGA (Center for General and Applied Ethics) is hosted by the college; along with series of conferences, presentations of books on current affairs, hosting the chair in theology, and offering countless moments of reflection, in addition to the ever-rich artistic and musical seasons in the life of the college.

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