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1. Diorama
For the class of Russian warships, see Izmail-class battlecruiser.

Izmail (Ukrainian: Ізмаї́л, translit. Izmayil; Russian and Bulgarian: Измаил, translit. Izmail; Romanian: Ismail; Turkish: Ismailiye or Hacidar; also referred to as Ismail; Polish: Izmaił) is a historic city on the Danube river in south-western Ukraine. The city is the administrative center of the Izmail Raion (district) in the Odessa Oblast (province) and the largest Ukrainian port on the Danube. As such, it is a center of the food processing industry and a popular regional tourist destination. It is also a base of the Ukrainian Navy and the Ukrainian Sea Guard units operating on the river. The World Wildlife Fund's Isles of Izmail Regional Landscape Park is located nearby.

The current estimated population is around 85,000, with ethnic Russians forming about 42.7% of that total, 38% being Ukrainians, 10% Bessarabian Bulgarians, and 4.3% Moldovans.

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