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Haukilahti (Finnish) or Gäddvik (Swedish) is a mainly residential district in the city of Espoo, Finland.

Haukilahti is situated immediately west of the more commercially attractive district of Westend, which itself borders the Gulf of Finland to the east, beyond which lies the neighbouring city of Helsinki, the Finnish capital. To the south, Haukilahti is bordered by the Gulf of Finland, and Matinkylä lies to the west.

Haukilahti is a quiet, peaceful district with lots of trees and park areas. Right across the road from the main residential area is the Toppelund forest, beyond which lies the seashore.

There are two public beaches in Haukilahti. The eastern beach, in the Toppelund area, is smaller and quieter, and usually only visited by Haukilahtians. The western beach, in the Mellsten area, is larger and more popular. It has been named by students from the Helsinki University of Technology as the best beach for windsurfing in the entire capital area, and has a direct connection to the Mellsten harbour, which is home to one of Espoo's most popular yacht clubs, and includes two seaside cafés.

Haukilahti also has its own primary school, a library and a couple of pubs.

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