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Gorki Leninskiye

Gorki Leninskiye (Russian: Го́рки Ле́нинские) is an urban locality (a work settlement) in Leninsky District of Moscow Oblast, Russia, located 10 kilometers (6.2 mi) south of Moscow city limits and the Moscow Ring Road. Population: 3,586 (2010 Census); 1,729 (2002 Census); 1,711 (1989 Census).

The estate of Gorki belonged to various Muscovite noblemen from the 18th century. Zinaida Morozova, the widow of Savva Morozov, purchased it in 1909, the year before she married General Anatoly Reinbot (later Anatoly Rezvoy), the Moscow head of police. She engaged the most fashionable Russian architect, Fyodor Schechtel, to remodel the mansion in the then current Neoclassical style, complete with a six-column Ionic portico.

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