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1. Szamosujvar

Gherla (Romanian pronunciation: [ˈɡerla]; Hungarian: Szamosújvár; German: Neuschloss) is a city in Cluj County, Romania (in the historical region of Transylvania). It is located 45 km from Cluj-Napoca on the Someşul Mic River, and has a population of 20,203. Three villages are administered by the city: Băiţa (formerly Chirău, and Kérő in Hungarian), Hăşdate (Szamoshesdát) and Silivaş (Vizszilvás).

The city was formerly known as Armenopolis (Armenian: Հայաքաղաք Hayakaghak; German: Armenierstadt; Hungarian: Örményváros) because it was populated by Armenians.

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