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Federation Tower
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1. Bashnia na Naberezhnoi

The Federation Tower (Russian: Башня Федерация) is a complex of skyscrapers being built on the 13th lot of the Moscow International Business Center in Moscow, Russia. The project was conceived by Sergei Tchoban and Peter Schweger. The construction of the towers began in 2003. However, construction stopped until it resumed in August 2011 and is now expected to be completed in mid 2016. Upon completion, it is set to become the tallest building in Europe, overtaking the topped-out OKO and the Mercury City Tower, also part of the MIBC.

The construction work is executed by the company Potok.

The complex consists of two towers built on one podium. Tower East is going to be a 97-storey structure. Tower West is a 65-storey structure.

The building will accommodate offices, hotel suites and apartments. As stipulated in the plan, three covered sky bridges between the East and West towers will house restaurants and cafes.

Currently, the 61st floor of the Tower West accommodates the highest restaurant in Moscow, ‘Sixty’ run by Ginza Project. The building also features the highest digital clock in the world.

According to the builder of the tower, the company Potok, it uses for its construction concrete grade B90, which is twice as strong as regular concrete and will allow the skyscraper to withstand a direct hit of an aircraft.

The building is actively used as a sightseeing object and a high-rise structure for extreme sports lovers (base jumpers, climbers, etc.), as well as a site for shooting films and videos (TV shows, advertising, and movie production). In 2012, the Moscow 24 TV channel shot a movie about the business complex. Another film dedicated to the skyscraper was made by the Discovery Channel TV channel in 2009.

The tower was climbed solo by the Frenchman Alain Robert in September 2007.

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