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For the Hellenistic city in the Pontus, see Eupatoria (Pontus).

Yevpatoria or Eupatoria (Ukrainian: Євпато́рія, Yevpatoriya, Russian: Евпато́рия, Yevpatoriya, Crimean Tatar: Kezlev, Turkish: Gözleve, Armenian: Եվպատորիա - Yevpatoria; Greek: Εὐπατορία, Κερκινίτις - Eupatoria, Kerkinitis, "Little Jerusalem") is a city of regional significance in Crimea, a territory disputed between Ukraine (as the Autonomous Republic of Crimea) and Russia (as the Republic of Crimea) since the March 2014 Crimean status referendum. Yevpatoria serves as the administrative center of Yevpatoria municipality, one of the districts (raions) into which Crimea is divided. Population: 105,719 (2014 Census).

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