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Toyokawa Inari

Toyokawa Inari (豊川稲荷) is the popular name for a Buddhist temple of the Sōtō sect located in the city of Toyokawa in eastern Aichi Prefecture, Japan. The temple’s true name is 妙厳寺 (Myogon-ji), or full name is Enpukuzan Toyokawa-kaku, Myogon-ji (円福山 豊川閣 妙厳寺). Despite the torii gate at the entrance, and the popular identification of its main image of veneration (a Juichimen Kannon) with Inari Okami, the Shinto kami of fertility, rice, agriculture, industry and worldly success, the institution is a Buddhist temple and has no overt association with the Shinto religion.

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