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Things to see at Rikugien:
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1. Liu Yi Yuan
2. Komagome

Rikugien Garden (六義園, Rikugi-en) is a Tokyo metropolitan park in Bunkyō-ku. The name Rikugi-en means Garden of the Six Principles of Poetry which comes from the idea of the six elements in waka poetry while en means garden or park. The park consists of a small pond, trees, and a hill. The traditional Japanese garden within the park is a tourist attraction.

  1. ^ Easily misread as Rokugien, because Kanji 六 read as roku in Go-on (呉音) is basic knowledge among Japanese, but read as riku in kan-on (漢音) is not.
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Alternative titles "Rikugien Garden"
"Rikugien Gardens"
"Rikugien Park"
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