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Museum of Maritime Science

The Museum of Maritime Science (船の科学館, Fune-no-kagakukan) is a marine science museum located in Higashiyashio, Shinagawa, Tokyo on Odaiba, Japan. Exhibits include Japanese boats, items related to the navy, shipping industry, fishing, sailing, maritime recreation, ship design and building, and the environment of the seas and oceans around Japan. The museum building itself is modelled after the British ocean liner Queen Elizabeth 2.

Outside the museum building are a number of exhibits including a cannon from the Imperial Japanese Navy battleship Mutsu, a large screw propeller, Ayumi I-Go Ocean Floor House, Tankai Submarine and PC-18 submersible, a wooden fishing boat from Kujūkuri, Osesaki lighthouse and Anorisaki Lighthouse.

Since May 1979 the icebreaker Sōya has been moored alongside the museum open to the public.

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