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1. Ao Ze Shen She
2. Zi You Zhi Qiu

Jiyūgaoka (自由が丘, Jiyūgaoka) is a neighborhood in southern Meguro, Tokyo, Japan, consisting of districts 1-chome to 3-chome, with a population of 7,231 as of January 2013, and postal code 152-0035. The name also refers to the broader area surrounding Jiyūgaoka Station, which includes both Jiyūgaoka and the Okusawa (奥沢) neighborhood of Setagaya.

Jiyūgaoka Station is located at the junction of the Tōyoko Line and Ōimachi Line. There are many numbers of apparel stores, zakka stores and restaurants. Jiyūgaoka is often considered as one of the most desirable places to live in Tokyo. The area has its own newspaper dating back to 1919.

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Alternative titles "Zi You gaQiu Jiyugaoka"
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