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Imamiya Shrine
Things to see at Imamiya Shrine:
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1. Jin Gong Shen She

Imamiya Shrine (今宮神社, Imamiya-jinja) is a Shinto shrine located in Kita-ku, Kyoto, Japan. It was originally established for patrons to pray for safety from an epidemic, though it has evolved into a shrine where patrons can pray for general good health. The shrine complex is embedded in a forest of large trees northwest of Daitoku-ji and includes many minor shrines in addition to the main shrine, or honden. On every second Sunday in April, one of the 3 major festivals in Kyoto, Yasurai Matsuri, is held at the shrine. The word imamiya (今宮) means "newly constructed."

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Alternative titles "Imamiya Shrine (Jin Gong Shen She ) Dating Back to 794AD in Kyoto!"
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