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The Middelaldercentret (English: Middle Ages Centre) is an experimental living history museum in Denmark, which depicts the middle ages in the Denmark of the late 14th and early 15th centuries. It is located in Sundby Lolland, some 4 km northwest of the centre of Nykøbing Falster on the waterfront of Guldborgsund.

It features a town built as part of a typical Danish market town with craftsmen, a harbour with ships and boats, and a market place. The employees are dressed in period costumes and live and work in the houses and do everyday activities such as craftmanship, cooking and weapon training. Furthermore, the museum has a variety of siege weapons of the period, such as trebuchets, a ballista and a cannon and smaller weapons such as handguns, longbows and crossbows. All of the items are built on site using period tools. Activities include live firing of the weapons daily, archery, knightly tournaments, and demonstrations of crafts and tasks from the late 14th century and early 15th centuries.

The employees are both permanent staff and unemployed people sent in job training from the municipality. In addition a support association exists, from which a large group of volunteers participates in the daily work. All the involved people "live in the medieval period" which means that they do not know of modern things like television, cellphones and so on. The curator of the centre is historian, writer and lecturer Kåre Johannessen.

Besides normal museum activities the Middle Ages Centre does extensive research within the middle ages and different medieval technologies, and the museum has reconstructed weapons, ships, clothing and diving equipment among others. The museum has a reputation of being the most authentic place in Europe within the medieval period. Due to the authenticity the medieval town has been used as a setting for many movies, documentaries and TV-series.

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