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Lovosice (Czech pronunciation: [ˈlovosɪtsɛ]; German: Lobositz) is a small town in northern Bohemia, the western part of the Czech Republic.

Geographic coordinates of Lovosice are: latitude 50° 51' and longitude: 14° 05'.

Lovosice is located on the left bank of the Labe (Elbe) River, at the northern border of the Labe lowlands and at the southern foot of Bohemian Highlands (České Středohoří). The closest mountain is Lovoš. The capital Prague is about 60 km towards south.

Lovosice belongs to Ústí nad Labem Region, Litoměřice district.

Lovosice is a surprisingly long and narrow town. This shape is the origin of the common Czech saying "as long as Lovosice".

Due to its strategic location, Lovosice is a significant transport junction. Besides a cargo port on the Labe River, the town has a great connection to Prague and Germany via the D8 motorway and high speed railway Prague – Ústí nad Labem – Dresden.

The town is quite industrial with a long tradition of chemical and food-processing factories.

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