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Losenstein is a small village in the south of Upper Austria, Austria. About 1,700 inhabitants call Losenstein their home. It lies in the southernmost quarter of Upper Austria called "Traunviertel". Its spatial dimension from North to South is 8,1 km, from West to East 4,5 km. 45,9% of its area are covered by forests, another 39,7% are used for agricultural purposes. The closest city of administrative importance is Steyr, which is 20 km to North. It and can be accessed via the "B-109 Eisenbundesstrasse" or by train.

Lostenstein is the birthplace of the famous dialect poet Anton Schosser (1801–1849). One of his most known songs is the Erzherzog-Johann-Jodler "Wo i geh und steh".

The village is sometimes referred to as the gem of the Enns-valley ("Die Perle des Ennstales"). The river Enns divides the village and can be crossed on a bridge, connecting the village centre with the residential areas. The highest mountain is called "Schieferstein" and is located in the south-east of the village.

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