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Istarske toplice

Istarske Toplice (Terme Istriane, o Bagni di Santo Stefano), a thermal health resort in the central part of Istria, Croatia. It's located in the village of Livade, 11 km southwest of Buzet (Pinguente). It is located in the canyon part of the Mirna river (Fiume Quieto), surrounded by lush vegetation. The surrounding, once much bigger, common oak forest - the only of that kind on the Croatian coast - is known as Motovunska Šuma (Foresta di Montona). Springs of radioactive isothermal sodium-calcium-chloride-sulphate mineral water; deposits of mineral mud.

Istarske Toplice offer excellent sports and recreational facilities (indoor and outdoor pools, a gym, boccia alleys). One may choose among swimming, gymnastics, walking, jogging, table tennis, miniature golf, boccia, cycling, hunting and fishing. Excursions to neighbouring villages and private farms are also possible.

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