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Grand Canal

The Great Recycling and Northern Development (GRAND) Canal of North America or GCNA is a water management proposal designed by Newfoundland engineer Thomas Kierans to alleviate North American freshwater shortage problems. The plan has been promoted by Kierans since 1959, but its cost and potential environmental impacts have prevented serious consideration of the idea.

This plan arose as water quality issues threatened the Great Lakes and other vital areas in Canada and the United States. Kierans proposes that to avoid a water crisis from future droughts in Canada and the United States, in addition to water conservation, acceptable new fresh water sources must be found.

His solution is to dam James Bay, using the techniques of the Zuiderzee / IJsselmeer, to prevent its waters mixing with the salt water of Hudson Bay to the north. This would produce an enormous freshwater lake, rivalling the largest of the Great Lakes in area. A percentage of that water would then be pumped south into Georgian Bay where it would increase the freshwater levels of the lower Great Lakes. The flow would be the equivalent to 2.5 Niagara Falls.

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Alternative titles "Canal Grande"
"The Grand Canal"
"Canale Grande"
"Gran Canal"
"Grand Canal Venice"
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