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1. Mala plaza

Ulcinj (Montenegrin: Улцињ, pronounced [ǔlt͡siɲ]; Albanian: Ulqin) is the southernmost town in Montenegro. The town of Ulcinj has a population of 10,707 (2011 census) of which the majority are Albanians. Ulcinj is the centre of Ulcinj Municipality and the centre of the Albanian community in Montenegro. The Day of Ulcinj is held every first Saturday of April. It symbolizes the end of the collection of olives, the output of the sailors at the sea, and the beginning of the tourist season. Ulcinj is founding member of National Assembly of Albanian Municipalities created in 26 November 2012.

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Alternative titles "ulcinj"
"Ulcinj beach"
"Ulcinj Mala Plaza"
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