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Lezhë (Albanian: Lezha or Lezhë, Albanian pronunciation: [ˈlɛʒə]; Italian: Alessio, Greek: Λισσός, Lissòs, Turkish: Leş) is a town and municipality in northwest Albania, in the county with the same name. In ancient history it was an ancient Greek colony named Lissus. The latter is an Archaeological Park of Albania.

The present municipality was formed at the 2015 local government reform by the merger of the former municipalities Balldren, Blinisht, Dajç, Kallmet, Kolsh, Lezhë, Shëngjin, Shënkoll, Ungrej and Zejmen, that became municipal units. The seat of the municipality is the town Lezhë. The total population is 65,633 (2011 census), in a total area of 509.10 km2. The population of the former municipality at the 2011 census was 15,510.

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