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Gnejna Bay

Ġnejna Bay (Maltese pronunciation: [dʒˈnɛjna]) is a popular tourist destination located about 1 kilometer from the village of Mġarr on the western coast of Malta. The beach surrounding the bay is mostly sandy. A secluded strip of shore under the steep cliff on the northern side of the bay is a popular nudist beach, although the practice is technically illegal in Malta and frowned upon by the conservative Catholic population.

Ġnejna is notable for its striking clay slopes and limestone cliffs. These serve as the headlands for one of Malta's few remaining perennial freshwater springs, that runs through Wied il-Ġnejna. Although the valley is a protected area, its watercourse is considered at risk due to illegal damming and tapping.

On 30 June 2007, a boat with 26 illegal immigrants was intercepted at Ġnejna Bay by Maltese authorities.

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