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Divčibare (Serbian Cyrillic: Дивчибаре, pronounced [dǐv̞tʃibarɛ]) is a town and mountain resort situated on the mountain Maljen (1104m) in western Serbia, south-east of Valjevo, at the altitude of 980 metres above sea level. The permanent population of the town is 235 people (2002 census), although it varies significantly due to the flux of tourists and weekend house owners.

Divčibare is a highland, surrounded by several peaks and saddles, covered with snow for three to four months each year. In other seasons, the micro-climate is rather pleasant, with 280 annual sunny days. The climate is attributed to fresh and dry winds coming from the Mediterranean. All this, and fact it is just 115 km (71.46 mi) away from Belgrade makes Divčibare attractive in summer and winter alike and one of the most popular resorts in Serbia.

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