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Blue Cave

Blue Cave or In Blue Cave was the Australian rock group Hoodoo Gurus' seventh studio album. The album was nominated for 'Best Pop Release' at the 1996 ARIA Awards. The album was co-produced with Charles Fisher, who had produced the band's second album, Mars Needs Guitars!, in 1985; Paul McKercher was the sound engineer and the Silverchair producer Kevin Shirley mixed the tracks. The entire album also had a limited release (only 300) as a set of seven 7" vinyl singles as In Blue Cave on Mushroom Records; and, as a CD, it was released with More Electric Soup video in a special box.

The Australian release (by Mushroom Records) had a hidden track, "Whoopee Cushion", whereas the US release (by Volcano Records) had an additional uncredited track, "Monterey Sunset". The album covers were also different: the Australian release had a fuzzy overhead shot of the Gurus in a close circle looking up at the camera (see right) whereas the US release depicted the Gurus posed for a sitting with other body parts montaged, e.g. Dave Faulkner has three arms (see below middle). The underlay tray of the US release, lists the 14th track as "Monterey Sunset" and gives a description:

"It's time for a refreshing Monterey Sunset. 45 mls Absolut Vodka (no substitutes please!). 45 mls lemon juice. 15 mls Orange Curaçao. 15 mls sugar syrup. Mix in a blender with lots of crushed ice! Pour over a cherry in a margarita glass for a festive frozen cocktail. Created by Alan."

EMI re-released the album on 6 February 2005 with six additional tracks, a fold out poster and liner notes by Charles Fisher, the record producer.

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