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Armier Bay

Armier Bay (in Maltese: Bajjet l-Armier), is situated in the locality of Mellieħa, Malta. The Armier Bay consists of two beaches, the biggest beach is known as Armier and the other one as Little Armier. The sea of this bay is a crystal blue, like the sea of Blue Lagoon. This is because it is situated exactly in the opposite direction of Comino, like Ħondoq ir-Rummien in Gozo, and so makes it the most crystal blue sea around the island of Malta.

At Armier Bay one finds a good number of boat houses, that are used by the Maltese as summer residences. The residents themselves claim that they take very good care of the environment, but there has been some contention on this issue. For instance, the local Council has notified the owners of caravans to remove them as they are occupying public land. The Malta Government has had a patchy history of enforcing its regulations against private encroachment on public land. A feast is also celebrated in summer in the area known as Ramlet il-Qortin. There are also some kiosks, but the surrounding of the bay is silent, without the noise of traffic, because it is situated in the green area of Mellieħa known as L-Aħrax.

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