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Zhu Jia Jiao

Zhujiajiao (Chinese: 朱家角; pinyin: Zhūjiājiǎo; literally: "Zhu Family Corner") is an ancient town located in the Qingpu District of Shanghai. The population of Zhujiajiao is 60,000.

Zhujiajiao is a water town on the outskirts of Shanghai, and was established about 1,700 years ago. Archaeological findings dating back 5,000 years have also been found. 36 stone bridges and numerous rivers line Zhujiajiao, and many ancient buildings still line the riverbanks today.

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Alternative titles "Zhujiajiao"
"Zhu Jia Jiao Gu Zhen"
"Shang Hai Qing Pu Zhu Jia Jiao"
"Shang Hai Zhu Jia Jiao"
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