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Cheng Huang Miao

The Chenghuangshen (Chinese: 城隍神; pinyin: Chénghuángshén), literally God of the Moat and the Walls or God of the Boundary, but usually translated as City God or Town God, is a tutelary deity or deities in Chinese folk religion who protects the people and the affairs of the particular village, town or city of great dimension, and the corresponding afterlife location.

Beginning over 2000 years ago, the cult of the Chenghuangshen originally involved worship of a protective deity of a town's walls and moats. Later, the term came to be applied to deified leaders from the town, who serve in authority over the souls of the deceased from that town, and intervene in the affairs of the living, in conjunction with other officials of the hierarchy of divine beings.

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Alternative titles "Shang Hai Cheng Huang Miao"
"Shang Hai Cheng Huang Miao"
"Shang Hai -Cheng Huang Miao"
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