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Cortemaggiore is an Italian comune located in the Province of Piacenza.

The town was founded in the 1479 by the Pallavicino family, over an old Roman habitation, which had been the capital of the ancient Stato Pallavicino.

Among the religious edifices in the town are the following:

In 1949 the Italian entrepreneur Enrico Mattei, discovers in Cortemaggiore's subsoil an important oilfield; with this oil was product a gasoline (the only one refined from Italian oil), called Supercortemaggiore.

In 1997 to Cortemaggiore was conferred the title of "Città d'Arte" (City of Art), a particular prize assigned to the most artistical interesting city.

The municipality's motto is "Nihil sanctius quam recta fides cum sororibus associata" (Nothing is holier than a true faith combined with other virtues).

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