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Things to see at Boccadasse:
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1. Corso Italia
2. Capo Santa Chiara

Boccadasse (Bocadâze in Genoese) is an old mariners' neighbourhood of the Italian city of Genoa. It lies at the eastern side of the Corso Italia stroll, the main sea front stroll of the city of Genoa, at the feet of Via Aurora, a typical Ligurian narrow street ("crêuza").

The origin of the name is uncertain, one of the more reliable hypothesis is that the name comes from the form of the bay on which Boccadasse lies, thus the name should be the shortening of the Genoese for donkey's mouth bócca d'âze. Another theory is that the name derives from the torrent that used to flow through the village, the Asse, therefore the name should mean outlet of the Asse.

The village of Boccadasse attracts tourists. It is enclosed in a narrow bay, at the eastern side the cape of Santa Chiara with a castle (a new building in the style of a medieval castle), on the western side the rocks, and in the middle the tiny cobblestones beach where the seamen's small boats rest.

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Alternative titles "boccadasse"
"Genova Boccadasse"
"Boccadasse - Genova"
"Genova - Boccadasse"
"genova boccadasse"
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