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Bigo (Bigo bya Mugenyi) is an archaeological site located in the western part of Uganda, Africa, along the Katonga River. Mugenyi means "stranger".It is known as an earthwork site thought to be created by the Bachwezi dynasty who were known for having cattle, from the 14th to 16th century based on carbon dating. The Bahima people of that land are thought to be possible descendants. It was the supposed Capital of the Kitara empire. Bushbacks, snakes, and leopards are some of the animals known to the modern day area. Along with Ntusi and Mubende, Bigo was thought to be the heart of Bunyoro Kitara.

According to oral traditions, Bigo became the possible capital of Kitara when Wamara, son of Ndahura, took over after his father was captured or disappeared. Mugenyi takes the name of a less powerful deity of Bachwezi legend, Mugenyi, who is the nephew of Wamara. Wamara was the last known Bachwezi and the strongest.

Bigo, perhaps the best known archaeological site in Uganda, is one of fifteen different sites that are scattered throughout Uganda each with their own ditch system except for Ntusi and Masaka Hill. It is thought that these sites could have been possible areas of trade, being next to the Katonga River, although no actual evidence supports the theory.

It is considered the biggest of three closely related earthworks.

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