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1. Playa Romana

Alcossebre (Spanish: Alcocéber) is a seaside village in the Valencian Community located on the Costa del Azahar along the eastern Mediterranean coast of Spain in the province of Castelló. This town falls within the municipal limits of Alcala de Xivert along with neighboring Capicorb and Les Fonts (Las Fuentes). It is a popular tourist destination without too many large buildings.

This small coastal village is located at the southern end of the Serra d'Irta, with ten kilometers of coastline, five beaches of great quality and a variety of other unspoiled beaches. Unlike most of the coastal towns Alcossebre is one of the few towns that is not fully urbanized.

It is part of the Costa del Azahar, bordering with Peniscola in the north and Torreblanca in the south.

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