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Things to see at Genoa:
A bucket list of the top sights at Genoa, ordered by popularity.
1. Piazza De Ferrari
2. Porto Antico
3. Palazzo Ducale
4. Bigo
5. Palazzo San Giorgio
6. Genoa harbour
7. Acquario di Genova
8. Porta Soprana
9. Via XX Settembre
10. Via Garibaldi
11. Biosfera
12. Carignano
13. Galleria Mazzini
14. Palazzo Tursi
15. Palazzo Rosso
16. Basilica della Santissima Annunziata del Vastato
17. San Matteo
18. Gru
19. Via del Campo
20. Meduse
21. Chiesa del Gesu
22. Sottoripa
23. Piazza Caricamento
24. Genoa Cathedral
25. Piranha
26. Campopisano
27. Galeone Neptune
28. Casa di Cristoforo Colombo
29. Caruggi
30. Penguin
31. Bolla di Renzo Piano
32. Piazza Banchi
33. Chiesa del Gesu e dei Santi Ambrogio e Andrea
34. Pirate ship
35. Genoa Aquarium
36. Dolphin
37. Hafen Genua
38. Facolta di Architettura
39. Fish

Genoa (/ˈɛn.ə/ JEN-oh-ə; Italian: Genova [ˈdʒɛːnova]; Genoese and Ligurian Zena [ˈzeːna]; French: Gênes; Latin and archaic English Genua) is the capital of Liguria and the sixth largest city in Italy with a population of 588 688 within its administrative limits on a land area of 243.6 km2 (94 sq mi). The urban area called Genoa Metropolitan City has an official population of 862,885. Over 1.5 million people live in the Genoa Metropolitan Area. Genoa is one of Europe's largest cities on the Mediterranean Sea and the largest seaport in Italy.

Genoa has been nicknamed la Superba ("the Proud one") due to its glorious past and impressive landmarks. Part of the old town of Genoa was inscribed on the World Heritage List (UNESCO) in 2006 (see below). The city's rich cultural history in notably its art, music and cuisine allowed it to become the 2004 European Capital of Culture. It is the birthplace of Christopher Columbus and Niccolo Paganini.

Genoa, which forms the southern corner of the Milan-Turin-Genoa industrial triangle of north-west Italy, is one of the country’s major economic centres. The city has hosted massive shipyards and steelworks since the 19th century, and its solid financial sector dates back to the Middle Ages. The Bank of Saint George, founded in 1407, is among the oldest in the world and has played an important role in the city’s prosperity since the middle of the 15th century. Today a number of leading Italian companies are based in the city, including Selex ES, Ansaldo Energia, Ansaldo STS, Edoardo Raffinerie Garrone, Piaggio Aero and Costa Crociere.

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Alternative titles "Acquario"
"Street in Genoa"
"Genoa 1"
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