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What is Points on a Map?

PointsOnAMap may look like a travel site, but it's not. We are actually a data science company specializing in travel attractions. We've analyzed hundreds of millions of traveler photos to identify nearly 200,000 attractions worldwide and rank them by popularity. PointsOnAMap.com is our way of showing off the data we've collected.

Do you have a great idea that requires good data to succeed? Our travel attractions data is the best in the industry. Let's work together to make your vision a reality.

The Backstory

David Marcus founded PointsOnAMap after years of traveling off the beaten track, usually by bicycle. Away from the most popular tourist destinations he discovered the only information for travelers buried in online discussion forums, travel blogs and word-of-mouth. With millions of people sharing these bits and pieces of their travel experiences online, David sought a way to gather the wisdom-of-the-crowd into useful data for travelers.

Leveraging his background directing geospatial data science at several San Francisco startups, and inspired in part by Eric Fisher's Locals and Tourists project, David turned to photos as a data source for where travelers go and what they like. He collected hundreds of millions of geotagged photos from multiple sources. After iterations through several different machine learning approaches to analyzing this data, David built the One True Model, pulling together methods from the Natural Language Processing, Clustering and Geospatial fields. This proprietary approach to identifying attractions is at the hear of Points on a Map.

The result is a collection of nearly 200,000 travel attractions from around the world, labeled and ranked. Points on a Map knows that the Eiffel Tower is the world's most popular travel attraction and that, among the least, are the beautiful but isolated Eningu Clayhouse Lodge in Namibia, the tiny island of Beras Basah near Borneo and the village of Karaburun on Turkey's Black Sea coast.

While we hope you enjoy exploring this data on pointsonamap.com, what we really hope is that you have a great idea, app or map that can use our best-on-the-market travel attractions data. Good data is hard to find and we know good data is essential to your customers' experience. Drop us a line.



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